Lightly Toasted – is a group made of five musicians living in the Colorado Front Range. Originally a blues band called Bluesberry Jam in late 1988, Lightly Toasted has since evolved. While its musical inventory hasn’t forgotten its blues roots, LT has incorporated a wider variety of music including the band’s original songs, as well as country-rock, jazz, and jam-band influences. LT plays anything from Muddy Waters, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Stones, Merle Haggard and The Grateful Dead. With Bruce Kupfer’s harmonica and soulful voice resonating as a classic R&B singer’s should, Ray Schumacher’s & Dave Davis’ artful (and sometimes extended) guitar work providing ear candy, and a solid rhythm foundation formed by Jim Otloe’s bass and Tom Radigan’s drums, it makes for a unique classic style and sound.


Bruce Kupfer (lead vocals, harp, saxophone)

Ray Schumacher (guitar, slide guitar, vocals)

Dave Davis (guitar, trombone, vocals)

Jim Otloe (bass)

Tom Radigan (drums, vocals)